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Eternal Love

Eternal Love
Not anyone knows the inner of a human being. One can not judge individuals by their outer appearance. The love of God is inside, close to heart. As, God says in The Holy Quran "And indeed We have created man, and We know whatever thoughts his inner self-develops, and We are closer to him than (his) jugular vein."
Love of God is not a religion, hence it is spirituality. One can not refer a scholar as spiritual and a prostitute a whore because God knows what is in every heart. Whether, you hide it or reveal it. He knows your love to him: The true love, Love of God.
It brings a thought in my mind that If your insider is evil, a mosque will be a tavern for you. However, If you are on right path and beloved, Tavern is a place to remember God and to obey his rules.
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The sound,color and taste of loneliness.

The Sound, Color and Taste of Loneliness.
The vertiginous feeling of being in complete solitude. Loneliness is much deep in meaning, no other word has such intensity. It is not something like being alone, It is next level of what being alone is.
One wants to live alone sometimes, but nobody desires isolation.
Loneliness speaks to us, it has a sound, Loneliness has a color and it also has a taste.  It is dark and black in color and the biggest disease known to mankind. The dark shadows of solitude make afraid. It intensifies heart beat, it even kindles screams and shouting sounds in a person.

A person imagines himself that, he is sitting beside a lake, looking at his reflection. He feels like the day has been turned into night and  is too long to pass. This feeling brings headache and a desire to die.
It pains a lot like someone has drilled in the head. This pain turns into loud voice, screams.
The taste of isolation is bitter. This bitter taste turns into tears, and these tears drop …

5 Best Twitter Accounts You Need to Follow If You Love Cars.

The Twitter-verse is ripe with knowledgeable car enthusiasts who are constantly on top of any breaking news or hot takes regarding the car industry. There are so many possible car personalities to follow, though, that sifting through them all to find the cream of the crop can be daunting. That’s why we did it for you, with the 12 best Twitter accounts you need to follow if you love cars.

1) @Breaking Auto Since 2009, the Breaking Auto Twitter account has been delivering hilarious satire on the car industry. A recent gem and good example of its style is this Tweet: “BREAKING: Sinkhole at Corvette Museum collects eight Corvettes, damage is minimal as impact was absorbed by advanced leaf spring suspension.”
2) @BadF1Stats

If you’re a fan of Formula One racing, you’ll really enjoy digging into BadF1Stats’ Twitter feed, which features a wide assortment of obscure and fun F1 facts, from fun off-the-track bits like "Gianmaria Bruni is Carla Bruni's son" to in-depth stats like "…